Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery can be quite expensive especially since not all insurance companies will cover this procedure just yet due to how new the practice is. Gastric sleeve surgery cost on average is close to $10,000 and can easily total up to over $20,000 when you factor in all the additional related expenses that go along with having this surgery. This cost is typically a bit less than you would expect to pay for traditional gastric bypass surgery.

Due to the relative newness of gastric sleeve surgery, insurance is less likely to cover this procedure than a more “routine” gastric bypass surgery. This means that the patient must come up with the costs out of pocket or work out a financing plan with the surgeon who will be performing the procedure.

Gastric Sleeve surgery costs include hospital fees, surgeon fees, anesthesia, pre and post-op car, hopsital bed time, x-rays and scans. In addition there are costs that are not included in your bill but can add up over time. These costs include vitamins and supplements, behavior modification therapy, exercise, and diet counseling. In addition there is often costs for body contouring surgery (cosmetic surgery) for the removal of excess skin.

Additional Factors that Impact Cost

The following factors can also play a part in determining what your cost will be for gastric sleeve surgery

  • Location – Where you have the surgery performed affects the price. Areas without many doctors who can perform this procedure may see higher surgeons fees.
  • Travel – Will you need to travel to your surgeron? If so, where will you stay? These costs can add up quickly if you have to pay for airfare and hotel to have the surgery performed with a surgeon that you feel comfortable with.
  • What type of patient are you – Are you having the surgery performed as an in-patient in the hospital or as an outpatient. This can affect the costs of gastric sleeve surgery greatly.

Gastric Sleeve Cost Compared to Other Weight Loss Surgeries

Read more about how the cost of gastric sleeve surgery compares to other weight loss surgery options and additional factors that can have an impact on the total price.

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