Gastric Bypass Cost

Gastric bypass surgery cost can range and be as little as under $10,00 to quite expensive and costing up to and over $35,000. The costs can vary depending on the type of surgery performed and length of time spent in the hospital in recovery. If you are paying out of pocket, the hospital will typically be able to work with you to establish a payment plan or even a reduced payment. Gastric bypass surgery costs can be made up of :

  • Pre-operation lab and testing fees
  • X-rays
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospital room
  • Surgeons Fees
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Exercise Training
  • Diet needs

Insurance Coverage

Gastric bypass surgery can be covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid but that coverage is determined on a case by case basis. For those whose insurance does not cover the cost of the surgery, there are often financing options that are available. Typically your doctor will have more information for you about your options and figuring out a payment method that meets your needs.

In order for your insurance to be able to potentially cover some of the costs of your gastric bypass surgery you need to be able to demonstrate that you have attempted all other options available to reduce your weight. If you still are unable to get your BMI below 40 and are considered morbidly obese, your doctor can help you put together a strong case as to why you need gastric bypass surgery to be covered by your insurance company.

Keep in mind that there are many portions of the after-care that will not be covered by insurance no matter what. This can include dietitians and exercise programs that are vital to long term weight management and healthy living.

Medicare Coverage

Medicare will sometimes cover some of the costs of gastric bypass surgery. However, typically medicare will require that you meet both the obesity requirements (BMI > 40) and have a obesity related health condition such as diabetes or heart disease. In addition you must have the surgery performed by a Medicare approved bariatric surgery facility.

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