Gastric Banding Cost

The cost of gastric banding like all other weight loss surgeries can vary but will easily top $10,000 and can come close to $20,000 depending on a few factors including if you choose a LAP-BAND or a Realize band, and the additional costs incurred as a part of having that surgery. The one cost that is typically associated with gastric banding that you will not have to pay with other bariatric surgeries is the cost for adjusting the band after you have had your surgery. While this may vary, the average cost for any type of gastric banding procedure is going to be just about $19,000. Costs typically are higher in large metropolitan areas and tend to be more expensive on the east and west coast.

Insurance Coverage

Gastric banding will sometimes be covered by insurance providers but that will also vary from provider to provider. Medicare can cover the cost of gastric banding surgery provided that you meet all of the criteria for weight loss surgery as established by the NIH. Even if your insurance provider does cover the cost of the procedure you can still expect out of pocket expenses to range from the hundreds to thousands of dollar which will be needed for copays and other out of pocket necessities not covered by insurance.


Since 2006 many health insurance plans, including Medicare and, in some states, Medicaid, have covered the cost of LAP-BAND surgery. It is not uncommon for all costs of your LAP-BAND surgery to be picked up by your insurance company. Often whether or not your surgeon is in-network or out of network and whether the surgery is performed on an in-patient or out-patient basis will help determine how much your insurance will ultimately cover.

For those who don’t have insurance to cover the procedure the costs are typically broken out between the surgery itself, including the facility, the surgeon and anesthesiologist fees which can generally cost from $12,000 to $30,000. Follow-up care and adjustment fees usually range from $35 to $200 per visit, depending on the type and length of care provided. This is for patients who are paying out of pocket or financing their surgery.

Realize Band Cost

The cost of the Realize Band is typically very similar to what you would expect to pay for the LAP-BAND. Insurance will also tend to cover the REALIZE band at the same rate as the LAP-BAND. Adjustments and fills for the Realize band are typically covered for the first year after surgery. If you are paying out of pocket the cost for these post-surgery adjustments and fills can range from about $75 to $300.

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