Bariatric Surgery Cost

One of the major factors in deciding which bariatric surgery is right for you is the costs involved with each surgery. Bariatric surgery can be very expensive and the costs typically start in the thousands of dollars. Then you have to factor in medication, follow up care, post surgery nutrition costs and potential follow up surgery. As you can see the costs can escalate rapidly.

The other factor to consider is whether or not your insurance company will cover the cost of your weight loss surgery. Some surgeries are more likely to be covered than others. It depends on a few factors that your doctor and insurance company can help sort out with you.

Below is a chart highlighting some of the costs for the variety of weight loss surgeries. These costs can vary based upon the factors below the chart.

Factors Affecting Cost

The costs above are average estimates that can vary based on a number of factors. It is understanding each of these factors that will give you a more accurate expectation as to why your bariatric surgery may end up costing you.

  • Location – Surgery costs can range all over the country depending on your location. Typically surgery prices will reflect the local cost of living. So if you are in an expensive metro area you could expect to pay more than if you are in a lower cost rural area. In addition, many people are opting to travel abroad to have their surgery which can reduce the costs drastically.
  • Surgeon Expertise – Costs can also be influenced by how experienced and knowledgeable your surgeon is. A highly trained, highly experienced surgeon will more likely be in demand for his/her services which can drive the price up.
  • Surgery Facility – The facility you have your surgery performed will also have an impact on cost as a larger hospital will typically cost more for post operative care and for hospital room fees, while a smaller clinic will typically cost much less for similar services.
  • Follow Up Care – While all bariatric surgeries require follow up care and monitoring, some are more involved than others. For example, gastric banding procedure can require up to 6 band adjustments per year which each require a doctor visit and associated costs.
  • Additional Surgeries – There are cases when you could need additional surgery. If there should be serious complications, additional surgery may be needed to correct the problem. Some weight loss surgeries are actually designed as multiple techniques performed at a staggered interval. This would involve being operated more than once. Finally, many people see dramatic weight loss which requires cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin that is left over after the weight is gone. All of these surgeries would obviously add to the total cost you end up spending on your bariatric surgery.
  • Insurance & Financing – Insurance can potentially cover your bariatric surgery but they may not cover every portion and all of the follow up care. Or your surgeon may offer financing that involves interest on your payments. Both of these scenarios involve costs that could increase the price.

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